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Belgian Laekenois in the USA

The Belgian Laekenois has been a very rare breed in the United States as of 1 January 2020 with just over 300 registered in the AKC Foundation Stock Service since 1995. The AKC has voted to accept the Belgian Laekenois Breed into the Herding Group as of 1 July 2020. This includes the voting for the parent club the American Belgian Laekenois Association achieving full license status.

On 1 July 2020 Belgian Laekenois will be eligible for showing in regular conformation classes in the Herding Group in AKC Dog Shows. This is the long awaited step for the fourth Belgian breed in the AKC system. There are some specific and critical differences in how the AKC handles the Belgian Breeds.

Key Differences with the AKC Belgian Laekenois
  • The Belgian Breeds in the AKC system are treated as separate breeds rather than varieties of one breed, thus inter-variety breeding, ( eg. Laekenois to Malinois as they would be considered mixed breed and ineligible for AKC registration).
  • The requirement within the AKC Foundation Stock Service for dogs to be 3 generations pure Laekenois Pedigree to be eligible for full AKC Registration privileges. Full AKC privileges means that a dog may compete in Conformation Events.
  • All Foundation Stock Service dogs with less than 2 generations pure Laekenois Pedigree will be able to compete in all events except Conformation once the Laekenois is fully accepted on 1 July 2020.
  • All Foundation Stock Service Laekenois with less than 3 generations are able to be bred and their offspring fully registered with AKC as long as the offspring are 3 generations. The exact mechanism for registration of Laekenois offspring less than 3 generations has not been clarified by AKC.
AKC Rules Consider The Approach

The specific rules are for AKC registration and competition in the USA. These are the rules of the registration agency under which the Belgian Laekenois is registered in the USA. We acknowledge the differing opinions of the folks that work under different registration entities around the world on these issues or rules. The fact of the matter is that the AKC sets the rules by which owners, breeders and exhibitors must adhere to in within the USA.

Approaching the rules situation in any other manner would be like playing by the rules of one state and saying you are justified in your choice although you are residing in a state where your activity is deemed illegal. The rules are the rules and if you choose to work within the AKC system, the rules regarding the Belgians are what they are.

Chiens de Rafale has taken criticism from various sources around the world for sharing information learned by taking the time to study the AKC rules and connect with the people at AKC who apply the rules to the breed. This effort has provided us with a deep understanding of the AKC rule structure as applied to the registration of Belgian Laekenois. Chiens de Rafale has shared this information publicly so that Laekenois buyers in the USA can be as informed as possible before making an expensive purchase. The Laekenwire Magazine Summer 2019 below spells our the AKC rules clearly in regards to the Foundation Stock Service 3 Generations Purebred Requirement.

In keeping with the AKC rules Chiens de Rafale will only provide Laekenois which meet the pedigree and registration requirements set forth by AKC.