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Grooming Laekenois No Clippers on a Laekenois

Clippering is death to the Laekenois coat and will take away the coarse texture and essentially leave a coat comprised of soft hairs of undercoat that lend themselves to matting. Leaving a dog unstripped is more comfortable for the Laekenois than clippering. As you can always use a pin brush the dog or fall back to full or dead coat stripping, but once clippering has been done the stripping of the coat can be quite painful for the dog as the constitution of the coat will be completely changed. The coat may lighten and become uniform in color as well as lacking a clear definition between topcoat and undercoat.

The maintenance of the coat post clippering is far more complicated due to matting and tangling due to the coat texture. Leaving a Laekenois in the natural condition and simply brushing the dog is a far easier option.

  • This is an example of a clippered Laekenois
  • The coat is soft
  • The coat lacks a topcoat
  • This dog lacks a dark mask on the face, this is not a fault nor a result of using a clipper

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